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Oil seal is a mechanical component, it isolates the components that need lubrication and the output parts so that not to let the oil leak.
O-ring is a rubber seal ring with a circular section, it can be used in static applications or in dynamic applications with relative motion between components.
Specially designed seals for new energy automotive components, safety and environmental-friendly.
Custom product. It is suitable for sealing or shock absorption in various complex structures.
About Us

Formerly known as Shanghai PingYe Seals Co.,Ltd. which was founded in February 1998 in Nanqiao Town,Shanghai. MZH is specialized in the production, sale and development of skeleton oil seals, O-ring for parts of the automotive air conditioner and household air conditioner (Suitable refrigerants are R134a, R410a, R407c, R404, R22, R12), various types of automotive air conditioner compressor shaft seal and rubber parts. MZH has adopted the ASTM D2000-98C international standard and QC/T666.1-2010 national standard, and passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification in January 2009. They ensure the superiority, stability and consistency of MZH’s products and lay the foundation for further broadening the domestic and international markets.
At present, MZH’s oil seal, O-ring and rubber parts are used in the car chassis drive series(Such as axle, transfer case, gearbox, engine), car parts series(Such as starter, generator, force amplifier, resistance steering pump, water pump, motor, steering gear, gas spring), agricultural vehicle anti-mud series, O-ring for automotive air conditioner parts(Such as traditional compressor, new energy electric drive compressor, piping, expansion valve, evaporator, condenser, liquid storage tank). In the industrial field, they are used in the reducer series, garden machinery series, construction machinery series, wind power generation gearbox series, cleaning machine series, washing machine series and electronic products.

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  • Mold Area
    Store different kinds of molds
  • Automatic Inspection Machine
    Check the flash and defects of products
  • Automatic Packaging Machine
    Automatic counting and packaging
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